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Assembly or large group presentations:

- Meet the Author

     This presentation would include a read aloud of Pedro's Pan, a discussion of the life of a prospector, and my experiences both mining and writing. There will also be time for a Q&A.  Approximate time: 45 minutes. Geared towards Primary.

-Who Was Felix Pedro?

     This discussion looks briefly at who Felix Pedro was, the Alaskan Gold Rushes, and the importance of immigration on America and Alaska. We will explore some of the stories of early prospectors triumphs and failures. We will discuss the importance of the Gold Rushes and how they shaped Alaska. Approximate time: 45 minutes. Geared towards 4th grade and above.

-Gold Rushes of North America

     This presentation looks at the importance of the 5 major gold rushes in North America and their impact on the expansionism of the United States, the acquisition of new territory, as well as the negative consequences to the indigenous peoples who lived there. Approximate time: 45 minutes. Geared for 5th grade and above.

For Pricing information, please see the Presentations page.

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