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Classroom or small group presentations:

- Pedro's Pan

     This presentation would include a read aloud of Pedro's Pan, a discussion of the life of a prospector, my experiences and the emotional journey that Pan goes on. There will also be time for a Q&A and a signed copy of the book for the class. Approximate time: 45 minutes. Geared towards K-2.

-The Craft of Writing

     I will discuss with a class the process of writing including the various forms of Children's Literature. I will discuss the process I used to write a picture book as well as other forms of writing. It will include a short story writing session with prompts and guidance. Approximate time: 1 hour. For all school age kids.

    Can be adapted for longer duration to include revision and editing. Time varies. Geared for 2nd grade and up.

-How To Pan For Gold

     A hands on exploration of how to pan for gold. We will explore the properties of gold and gravity by allowing each child to pan for their own bits of "gold." I will provide small tubs for panning in, dirt and "gold" to pan, small pans for panning, and small vials for kid to take their "gold" home in. This activity will need space that can get wet, access to water to fill tubs, and a bucket load of fun! Time varies on class size, but estimated to an hour. Great fun for all ages!

-Where Does Gold Come From

     A STEM based study on the history of mining gold and the scientific explanation of what gold is, where did it originate from, how it ended up in creeks, and its modern importance. Approximate time is one hour. Material adapted for 3rd grade and up.

-Who Was Felix Pedro?

     This discussion looks briefly at who Felix Pedro was, the Alaskan Gold Rushes, and the importance of immigration on America and Alaska. We will explore some of the stories of early prospectors triumphs and failures. We will discuss the importance of the Gold Rushes and how they shaped Alaska. Approximate time: 45 minutes. Geared towards 4th grade and above.

-Gold Rushes of North America

     This presentation looks at the importance of the 5 major gold rushes in North America and their impact on the expansionism of the United States, the acquisition of new territory, as well as the negative consequences to the indigenous peoples who lived there. Approximate time: 1 hour. Geared for 5th grade and above.

For Pricing information, please see the Presentations page.

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