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I have a series of topics that I can speak on and present to both individual classrooms and in larger school wide assemblies. Please read each topic for school visits as well as online presentations for age appropriateness and what kind of presentation it would best be suited for.

Prices for Activities and Presentations vary depending on whether it is a single activity, an assembly,  mix of the two, a half day (which can include up to 3 activities or presentations) or an all day session which can be up to six presentations or activities.

I am a school teacher in the Anchorage School District, so scheduling will be tricky throughout the school year. I will set aside times quarterly to do limited engagements during school.

I am also available for literacy nights and events.

Online presentations will typically be via Skype and can be planned according to times available before or after school here in Alaska (luckily time zone difference is 4 hours from east coast) or during scheduled days I will be setting aside for presentations. Contact me for more information.

Single Presentation: $?? + $?? if you choose the gold panning experience

Assembly $??

Half Day $??

Full Day $??

Literacy Event $??

Online Presentation $??

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